“I was very nervous to bring someone into my crazy chaotic life, but you put me at ease immediately.  You helped me to clean up my mess by approaching each pile, file folder, and post-it note with patience and determination.  You helped me to organize every task, appointment, and “someday, maybe” dream into its proper place.  And, ultimately, you helped me to escape from the loneliness of my own chaos.  I can’t thank you enough for your kind support.  It was worth EVERY PENNY!!!”

-Individual Client


You might benefit from the services of a productivity coach if you:
  • … feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and more behind  at the end of each day
  • … find that your routine responsibilities are crowding out the important work related to your long term goals
  • … have had a major change in responsibilities at work or at home, and your old ways of doing things aren’t working
  • … are already productive, but you are interested in going “to the next level”

How a productivity coach can help:

The principles and practices of thriving are simple, but implementing them is not. 

A productivity coach can help:

  • Identify strategies and techniques that will work for you
  • Find tools that fit your individual needs and style
  • Jump-start a change in your structures and habits

The elements of a typical comprehensive coaching plan:

  1. Identify your ideal result.
  2. Sort through all of the current papers, tasks, appointments, systems, drawers, file cabinets, boxes, cubbies, and pockets where “everything” currently hides.
  3. Think concretely about each potential piece of work so that you focus on the right work, get it done effectively, and keep your work load at the “right size”
  4. Create a reliable system (paper, digital, or a mix) to keep track of “everything.”
  5. Continue follow up until you feel comfortable with your customized system.

We can also create a plan that targets a specific problem such as email management.

How to get started coaching with me:

We begin with an initial complimentary consultation (by phone or in person) to determine your productivity issues.  Shortly thereafter, I’ll propose a plan and we’ll decide whether to work together.  Email me to get started.