Thriving amidst chaos is where we all want to be – but getting there can be a challenge.  We are lucky to live in a golden age of productivity advice, but keeping up with this advice, and figuring out what will work best for our own situation can be difficult.

I’d like to help. 


I’ve been fortunate to have a long career as a physician, administrator, faculty member, and now, productivity coach/presenter.  My passion is helping individuals find ideas that will transform how they experience their work and life.

In order to thrive, you need to be “ready, relaxed and resilient.”

  • Ready means having effective strategies for thinking about your work, organizing your stuff, taking action, and planning – the content usually associated with “time management.”
  • Relaxed means living in the moment:  curious, free of anxiety about the past or future, and focused on what you are doing right now.
  • Resilient means being able to navigate through adversity and quickly get back on track.

Even one new habit can make a difference!  Join me in the journey to Thriving Amidst Chaos.