Just like you, I live amidst chaos.

I have given presentations on personal productivity to hundreds of people, and I have coached dozens of individuals.  It is incredibly satisfying to hear from people who have changed their lives trying just one new idea.

I’m a mother, partner, physician, administrator, aspiring home chef, avid sports fan and reader of mysteries. I love my life in Iowa City, Iowa where I have spent more than 30 years as an academic obstetrician-gynecologist, involved in teaching, researching and providing clinical care. I’ve also served in both collegiate and university level administrative roles.

For many years I collected books in the realm of time management, with the hope of changing my own issues with writer’s block, procrastination, inability to say “no,” and keeping things organized.

Then, in 1997 as I was actually reading one of those books, something finally clicked.  It was my teachable moment.  I gradually began making changes, and life soon became more organized and less stressful (although no less busy).  I was getting more done, and, more done on time.

The core elements of my philosophy are:

  • You cannot “manage” time – you can only manage your use of time.
  • The purpose of making changes is not to be able to cram more into your life, but rather to find ways to do what you want to do, whether that is more, less, or the same number of things.
  • There are lots of great systems and tools. No single system works for everyone.
  • Any new system involves a learning curve, but after that life should be easier not harder.
  • You should investigate better ways of doing things, but don’t change anything that is already working.